All Elemeno reference materials, videos and links are organized in Navigators. With our premium service, sites contain multiple Navigators based on the type of institution and units that are being served. In this free version, there is only one Navigator - the COVID-19 Navigator.

If you are the person who requested this site, you have automatically been set up as a Site Manager. As a Site Manager, you see special controls which let you review and configure the content so that it meets the needs of your institution. (For more information on setting up other people as Site Managers, please see information later in this document.)

To open the Navigator, click on the link on the Home page (also known as the Team page) of your site.

The Navigator is divided into Sections which contain multiple Quick References and Links.

Start reviewing the content by clicking on each of Quick References and expanding the content within.

If you wish to take the content as-is, just click “Show” in either the upper-right hand corner of the Quick Reference or click the box to the right of the Reference in the Navigator view. This will make the Quick Reference visible on your site. (Don’t worry, if you choose not to show a Quick Reference now, you can always add it back later.)

Show/Hide in Quick Reference:

Show/Hide in Navigator:

Hiding references

You may find that some of the content is not applicable or not appropriate for your institution. You can control the visibility (Hide/Show) of content at three levels:

Section - use the visibility control (the eye/eye with a slash through it) on the right to toggle sections between Show and Hide modes. This display shows what it looks like when a Section is hidden.

Quick Reference level - Visibility controls for Quick References include the

Show/Hide buttons and checkboxes discussed in the previous section:

Show/Hide in Quick Reference:

Show/Hide in Navigator:

Sub-sections of Quick References - After opening a Quick Reference, you will see controls for visibility of sub-sections. Click the Hide button (shaped like an eye with a slash) to hide a sub-section. Click again to unhide.

Previewing Your Content

To see the page as end-users will see it, you can use the “Preview as user” button located in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Note: The content visibility features are specific to Elemeno Express.

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