One of the most powerful aspects of the Elemeno platform is the ability to include content which is specific to your institution and your unit. Customers of our premium service partner closely with our client services team throughout the content development lifecycle - from initial development through iteration to create content (Quick References, videos, etc.) based specifically on your needs. As Elemeno Express is a free offering, it is based on a self-serve model offering pre-authored content, the COVID-19 Navigator, as well as space within the Navigator for you to add your own notes, images, etc.

In each Quick Reference sub-section, you will see a tag with your institution’s name. Below that tag is space to add your own information.

Click the pencil to the right of this section to enter content creation mode. In this mode you can write new content, or paste content from another source.

Our formatting tools will be familiar to you.

When you are finished, click “Save.”

Tip: The Workflows section has purposefully been left empty for you to fill. Use this section to post content which is specific to your organization.

Note: The content addition feature is specific to Elemeno Express.

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