There are two ways to add your team members to the site manually. You can add users one at a time, or you can send a batch invitation to multiple users. You may want to use this if your team members have difficulty with the self-registration method.

Adding a single user

Click “Add New User” and fill in the required fields in the form. If you want this person to have the ability to Manage the site, be sure to click the “This user is a manager” box at the bottom of the form. Finish by clicking “Send Invitation.”

Adding multiple users at once

You can upload a CSV file (a spreadsheet) in this format to add multiple users at one time.


  • “site” column is the for URL of your site - for example

  • Use one row per user, starting on row 2

  • leave groups and permissions blank

Click the “Add Multiple Users” button to display the upload dialog.

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