November 2022

What's New

Resource Toolbar - We've consolidated a number of actions into a toolbar which can be found at the top of each resource. From this toolbar you can:

  • Pin a resource - Save it for later for quick access from the Home page.

  • Get information - Interested in when a resource was published and who approved it? Click on "Info" to view data about that specific resource.

  • View Source information - some resources link to longer, more comprehensive source documentation. Click "Source" to dive deeper into a topic.

Feedback Submission - We've improved the Feedback submission workflow by making it easier to find and the guidance more clear. Look for it at the bottom of every resource.

Optimized Home - We've tightened the spacing of the toolbar at the top of the home page so that you can see more of the information on your Team Card when you first login.

Icon location on phones - When using Elemeno on your phone, you will notice that the toolbar is now located at the bottom of the interface, providing you a better view of the information on your Team Card.

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